Consumers and researchers have touted CBD as having multiple health benefits, and without the hallucinogenic component of the hemp plant, THC, cannabidiol (CBD) is legal in varying degrees across the U.S. As CBD’s popularity and accessibility has grown, the FDA is set to grant CBD with Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status, CBD has debuted in the media and CBD oil has found its way into many every-day products. Companies within the Food and Beverage industry have become especially creative with their CBD-infused products. 

Prominent magazines and online guides such as Greatist, Cosmopolitan and Snack Nation feature content on the latest in CBD such as CBD water, smoothies, almonds and more. CBD appears in cookies, chocolate bars, protein bars, energy bites and even toothpaste. However, there is one trend sweeping the market: CBD Gummies.

According to Forbes magazine, “CBD gummies have taken the industry by storm.” They were searched over 75,000 times in the month of May on Google, and they were the third most Googled food in the U.S. last year. There are many companies whose sole focus centers on these classically sugary, gelatin bears.   

CBD gummies are another way that the marketplace has responded to consumer demand. If you sell CBD-infused products, or are looking to formulate existing products with CBD within the Food and Beverage space, there are many ways your company can get behind the latest CBD trends and capitalize on the popularity of CBD products. The first and most important part of developing a premium, on-trend CBD product is finding a premium CBD oil source. 

At Viapura, our products are held to the highest industry standards to ensure the reliability of product performance and quality. We understand that CBD oil is essential to the process of producing edibles. That’s why our CBD oil, containing 0.00% THC is the perfect ingredient for you. 

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