As the CBD industry rapidly grows and changes, it is more important than ever to pay careful attention to developing regulations. Take packaging, for instance. CBD products must adhere to local and federal packaging and labeling laws. Here is a guide with all of the basics that you need to know. 


To comply with FDA-approved standards, verify if your packaging is produced from food-grade material and if it’s child-resistant. You may use laminated material to provide a humidity and oxygen barrier and odor and UV protection. We also recommend researching regulations unique to your locale. 

Because CBD is still new to the market, a significant challenge is finding a supplier that knows the laws and regulations required for CBD packaging. Many traditional packaging companies do not comply with CBD-specific regulations, and complying companies are only now emerging. Look for companies that adhere to packaging regulations for cannabis and hemp, as they will also package CBD products containing little or no THC.


Be transparent about your ingredients. By law, your product label must list each ingredient in the package, the THC concentration, the net quality of contents and information about your business, including your name, location and product manufacturing location. 

As more hemp products are hitting the market, it is crucial to make your product stand out. We recommend supporting your CBD product with additional information on the label.  There are also labeling regulations unique to each state. 

Another convenient option is called “white labeling,” where the company you buy hemp or CBD from will create and pre-package your product on your behalf. You are only responsible for adding your business’ label. 

 We’re Here to Help

At Viapura, we’re committed to providing a premium product you can trust with labeling and packaging you can rely on for 0.00% THC products. From farm to finish, we can assure you that our products pass the FDA’s checklist when it comes to labeling and packaging.

Our team of experts is here to help answer all of your CBD questions and provide you with the best quality, certified CBD oil on the market. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].